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Trump calls US justice system ‘a laughingstock’

Christina Wilkie – Political Reporter for CNBC.com Hours after Trump calls US justice system ‘a laughingstock,’ White House denies he ever did. The White House on Wednesday flatly denied that President Donald Trump had ever called the American criminal justice system “a joke and a laughingstock.” The denial came just hours after Trump said precisely that …

Russia Hacking Facebook – How Russian trolls got into your Facebook feed

By Geoffrey A. Fowler Russia Hacking Facebook – Americans are getting our first glimpse of how we got played. On Wednesday, Congress released some of the 3,000 Facebook ads and Twitter accounts created by Russian operatives to sway American voters. You can explore them in an analysis the Post published here. These disturbing messages, seen by …

New World Order – Are Millennials Giving Up On Democracy

New World Order – Are Millennials Giving Up On Democracy Neil Howe , CONTRIBUTOR Earlier this month, 31-year-old wunderkind Sebastian Kurz was elected as Austria’s new chancellor. Kurz—who ran on a populist, anti-immigration platform—is just the latest anti-establishment candidate worldwide to benefit from young people’s waning interest in liberal democracy, centrist candidates, and civic process. …


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